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Post-Acute Care SIBR rounds wins award

Post-Acute Care SIBR Rounds

1Unit has extended our expertise in high-quality patient centered care to post-acute settings (PAC). Once again, we’re seeing significant opportunities for improvement in patient care. Innovations in quality improvement, teamwork and patient centered care, are often not designed for PAC settings. In fact, we think post-acute care is an often forgotten and neglected clinical space. Yet, PAC settings play a critical role in providing a level of care to patients that most hospitals just don’t have the capacity to meet.

As a result, we are now helping PAC facilities to implement the Accountable Care Unit® care model. We’ve taken the time to optimize and field test our structured care processes for use in PAC settings, e.g. post-acute care SIBR rounds (PAC SIBR). And we’re seeing successes materialize.

Acute hospitals frequently struggle with ‘patient flow’ issues and admitting capacity. But, high-functioning PAC settings play a vital part in the flow of patients out of hospital and back to the community. In-hospital beds open up quicker when you efficiently create a destination for lower acuity patients beyond the hospital. In addition, you can admit patients from the emergency department more efficiently once you’ve opened up in-hospital beds.

In 2017, one PAC setting we have been working with to implement the ACU care model and SIBR rounds was awarded an ‘Excellence in Service’ award. We’re very proud of the work done by the team and the improvements made.

Watch a video about the team, their implementation and their improvements here:

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