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In Safe Hands

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In Safe Hands

The big idea

Clinicians caring for patients across many clinical units typically operate in silos, or in isolation to each other. The In Safe Hands program provides a platform for building and sustaining efficient and effective healthcare teams within a complex healthcare environment. It enables teams to address daily challenges of patient care and empowers them to make good decisions based on understanding the full scope of a patient’s care. All members of a healthcare team are then better placed to solve problems as they arise.

Customer feedback

“The best day of my nursing career was the day we ran SIBR for the first time on our ward. It changed my relationship to my patients, the doctors and my view of clinical practice.”

Program details

Creating effective healthcare teams is a key goal for the In Safe Hands program. The concepts and processes outlined in SIBR encourage teams to develop in the following areas:

  • Situational Awareness – clinicians get to know what is going on around them and understand the current activities of their team members. This helps to stay one step ahead in maintaining patient safety. Situational awareness is achieved through daily review of patient safety checklist items.
  • Shared Mental Model – when team members share what is happening within their scope of practice and the responsibility for tasks is assigned, they create a shared mental model. Without this, clinicians act in isolation, increasing the potential to misinterpret patient safety risks.
  • Mutual Support – Team members become aware of the unique contributions and responsibilities of their colleagues. High performing team members become sensitive to the workload of their colleagues ensuring that imbalances are addressed to reduce the risk of adverse events.

A number of resources relating to SIBR have been developed for clinicians. These include a SIBR Clinician Information Brochure and videos relating to SIBR. The video testimonials highlight the key benefits of SIBR from various perspectives. These resources can be used for education and training purposes for staff.

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