Clinical Change

Monash High Performing Wards

Strategy Questionnaire: Shaping High Performing Wards

At Monash, we are looking at how we build and sustain effective healthcare teams while facing the challenges of the complex environment in which we work.

The aim is to better enable teams to address daily challenges of patient care, empowering them to achieve optimal outcomes through a shared understanding of the full scope of a patient's care. We believe that all members of the patient's healthcare team are then better placed to solve problems as they arise. This belief is based on the significant outcomes for reduced morbidity, LoS and improved perceptions of care associated with multidisciplinary team protocols (specifically noting SIBR/In Safe Hands in NSW and Accountable Care Units around the world).

This questionnaire offers you an opportunity to voice your thoughts and to help shape this investigation on how we improve our ward processes. The results and key comments (positive and negative) will be shared with the hospital executives, senior clinicians and with any staff participating in the related change programs. Furthermore, unless you state otherwise, your anonymity will be maintained by the external team who will provide anonymised questionnaire results to the hospital.

Shape our strategy!

What principles do you think are most important for a highly functioning ward "team"?

Final thoughts?