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Partnering with Patients


Partnering with Patients

The big idea

Clinicians are focused on providing healthcare to patients. However, providing care using a patient based care model ensures that care is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values. The model focuses on the relationships clinicians build with patients, family and carers as partners in health care delivery.

Partnering with patients to ensure that patients, family and carers are an integral part of our health care teams is essential to providing safe, quality care.

There is growing recognition that the safety and quality of care can be enhanced by engaging with patients, family and carers to improve health outcomes, the patient and staff experience, as well as safety and performance indicators.

Program details

The Partnering with Patients program supports local health districts (LHDs) across NSW to transform services, by including patients, family and carers as health team members and to champion consumer engagement with the aim of improving safety and quality in health care. It provides strategic advice, guidance, program materials, practical support and training.

Focus Areas

The program has multiple streams that support and raise awareness of patient based care. These streams include:

  1. The Patient Based Care Challenge
  2. Health Literacy
  3. Patient & Family Activated Escalation (REACH)
  4. Carer Engagement (TOP 5)
  5. Community Update on Safety & Quality in Health Care

The Partnering with Patients program includes resources and support for health services to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, including Partnering with Consumers (Standard 2), and Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care (Standard 9).

Partnering with Patients program website

Contact details

Project Manager, Patient Based Care
Clinical Excellence Commission
(02) 9269 5517