Clinical Change

SIBR Organisation Score

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Determine your Organisational Readiness Score.

1. Are SIBR rounds considered part of the strategic plan for the organisation?

2. Which executive leaders would identify themselves as a sponsor of the SIBR care model in the organisation? Tick all that apply.

3. Has a Project Charter been completed with an executive sponsor for the first SIBR unit?

4. Within what time horizon does leadership aspire to launch the SIBR unit?

5.  Is the hospital actively engaged in achieving Magnet status (or already a Magnet hospital)?

6.  Has the physician chief of service for the target SIBR unit committed to the unit-based teams determining physician-patient assignments?

7. Has the target unit been identified?

8.  Is Bed Control leadership committed to daily support in order to maintain unit-based physician teams?


Score guide:

70-80 points - Ready
40-60 points - Close to being ready
< 40 points - Not yet ready