Clinical Change

SIBR Unit Score

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Determine your Unit Readiness Score.

1. Does the target unit have unit-based physician teams (i.e. the unit has physician teams dedicated primarily to that unit)?

2a. Has the nurse unit manager for the target unit expressed a commitment to develop the SIBR care model?

2b. Has a physician medical director been identified and/or announced to support the nurse unit manager?

3. Have executive leadership and unit leadership distributed a written and a verbal message to both the nursing and medical staff of the SIBR unit explaining why it will be created, what is involved, how it will affect them, and how they can contribute?

4. Has a specific date for the launch of the future SIBR unit been set and widely communicated to the nursing and medical staff of the unit, as well as Bed Control leadership?

5. Has hospital leadership already provided SIBR training to more than 90% of the entire staff of the future SIBR unit?


Score guide:

60 points target - Ready to launch
40-55 points target - Could be ready soon
< 40 points - Not yet ready