Clinical Change

Coordinated care through Accountable Care Units

Coordinated care through the ACU® care model Saskatchewan, Canada, has been driving the growth of the Accountable Care Unit care model locally for the last 3 years. This growth has seen the launch of close to 10 ACUs in a number of hospitals within the state. And more growth is planned as further interest develops […]

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Journal of Hospital Medicine ACU article

JHM ACU article The first peer-reviewed journal article describing the Accountable Care Unit care model (ACU® care model) and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds). Hospitals have not been optimized to support the functions of multi-disciplinary care teams. In fact, a significant limitation of modern hospitals is the ability to provide high-quality patient centered care. […]

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ACU care model on ACE unit improves communication and patient care quality

Key Concept ACUs improve communication and patient care quality. Background A single site study examining the ACU care model with SIBR rounds in an Aged Care for the Elderly Unit. The authors used a mixed methods approach and examined the perceptions of nurses, therapists, patient care technicians and social workers.  The survey was administered to […]

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