Clinical Change

Goals of Care Conversations

Goals of Care Conversations The United States spends approximately 25 percent of Medicare on the 5% of patients in their final year. Unfortunately, most of this care does not have a significant benefit to the patient’s well-being. The United States is also not alone, with the Netherlands and Switzerland showing similar rates of expenditure. 1Unit’s […]

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Nursing Change of Shift

Nursing Change of Shift Image from the 1Unit Nursing Change of Shift Training Manual Change of Shift Huddle highlighting key information from previous shift. 1Unit’s Nursing Change of Shift program focuses on key nursing shift change processes such as change of shift huddle and bedside handover. Optimizing these processes can help staff to ensure more […]

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ACU Pediatrics care model

ACU Pediatrics care model SIBR Pediatric Training Manual: SIBR team at bedside 1Unit’s flagship program, the Accountable Care Unit care model optimized for a pediatric setting. Understanding the needs of pediatric patients and families is key to supporting them through challenging in-hospital care. The ACU® pediatric care model ensures the patient is the center of […]

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